CLOUDDimensions: WHAT I Am™

As was pointed out in the first post on the topic, there are four dimensions to the future CLOUD “hypercube”: WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE, and it has been several weeks since I posted some thoughts on the third dimension in this series on WHEN.  WHAT I Am has been left until last, because as I’ve discovered, it is the hardest one.  Fortunately, during my flight over to Brussels for the Sibos conference in Amsterdam a week ago, the reasons for the difficulty started to dawn on me.

Data Versus Databases
 As we point out in our video vignette on Separating the WHO and the WHAT in the CLOUD, there is a significant difference between data elements, the entities collecting the data elements and the databases in which they are stored.  Nova Spivack of Lucid Ventures made an excellent comment about this part of the semantic web during Sibos in Amsterdam. In his words, “In the semantic web, databases wrap themselves around the data.”  That is a wonderful framework by which to go deeper in to my thoughts on the final dimension of CLOUD:  WHAT I Am™.