XBRL – Is its Full Potential Trapped by its Name?

For those that have followed CLOUD for the last several months, you already know that our vision is not only bold, but that it is blessed by some “bright lights” in the XBRL community.  From my college friend and the the Sr. Advisor to former Chairman Cox at the SEC, Paul Wilkinson, who is our Chief Strategy Officer, to Charlie Hoffman, the “father of XBRL,” who is a member of our strategic advisory board, CLOUD is fortunate to share some common blood lines with the eXtensible Business Reporting Language.  As I sit here on my flight to Philadelphia for the XBRL US conference, I am getting excited about being knee deep in the topic and the community for the next few days.  As I make the trip, however, I have not been able to shake this nagging question that I’ve had since I first picked up Charlie and Liv’s book, “XBRL for Dummies.”  Is the full potential and future success of XBRL trapped by its name? Continue Reading →