someday is today: Kethan’s Story

A little over 5 years ago, my wife, Maureen’s, breast cancer recurred. She is doing well, but not long after our family’s journey with cancer took this new turn, I met Kethan. He, like my daughter, was starting 1st grade at St. Andrew’s. I had the privilege of meeting Kethan, his mom and his dad early on in the school year. Kethan has been my honored hero (and little brother) ever since.

Kethan’s battle with leukemia changed my life, brought me to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; and as this video makes clear, this commitment to LLS has now come full circle. From a term as board chair of the local chapter to my role on the national board of representatives to 4 rides around Lake Tahoe with Team in Training and a couple of Mission Days in Washington, DC in 2012 and 2013, my work with LLS has been unbelievably rewarding.

LLS is a great organization, and Kethan’s story makes clear that they will “move heaven and earth to help patients” in the words of LLS’s CEO, John Walter. Unfortunately, the original Kethan’s Story, shot in May, was one of hope. We expected him back in 6th grade. On July 11, his return to 6th grade was stopped in its tracks. This “human rainbow of one” left this world for the next. However, like all rainbows, Kethan never lost hope. I will never forget this special young man. We must now continue his fight. Thank you LLS for this fitting tribute to Kethan and his family.

Building the Digital Fabric at the Heart of the Knowledge Navigator

Gary Thompson, is not only the curator of The End of Linearity, but the co-founder of CLOUD, Inc. CLOUD – Consortium for Local Ownership and Use of Data – will be the manifestation of much of the thinking embodied by the End of Linearity. Those posts that relate more to Gary’s thinking than just CLOUD’s thinking are shared here.

As Apple builds out iCloud, we at CLOUD are building out something equally exciting: the next Internet. A few months back, I posted a discussion here asking how Knowledge Navigator connected the Amazon and the Sahara data sets.

I loved Knowledge Navigator’s vision and remember showing this video during customer events frequently when I was in the sales office in Chicago for Apple in the late 1980s to early 1990s. Siri, the iPad, FaceTime… so much of Knowledge Navigator has come true. With all these advances, there is still an underlying need for something like HTML but for privacy, security, identity and data to create the digital fabric underlying Knowledge Navigator.

My TEDxAustin talk, “Reweaving the Fabric of the Internet to Transform Humanity,” talks more about this vision. I know my ability to Think Different is driven by my over a decade at Apple.

(Gary was at Apple from 1987-97, and 2003-2006)