My Tribute to Kethan | St. Andrew’s Memorial Service

On July 14, I had the privilege of giving one of three tributes/eulogies to a truly special little boy, Kethan. My tribute can be found here. I have included the text below, since it is a bit difficult to hear:

I will never forget the day that brought Kethan into my life. As many of you know, our former head of school, Lucy Nazro, always hosted a reception for each of the grades at the start of every new school year. I remember exactly where I was standing on the deck at the back of her house when I met two of the most amazing people in the world. Sumi and Lokesh. Their son, Kethan, was starting first grade just like our daughter Kyla. When I heard he was fighting cancer just like my wife was fighting a recurrence of her breast cancer, something stirred inside of me. Continue Reading →

My Tribute to Kethan | EMail to LLS & Pfizer Friends

Following is an email I shared with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Pfizer Friends after Kethan’s memorial service:

Kethan Kumar, my little brother and our honored hero lost his fight last Thursday after a long battle with leukemia.

It was wonderful to have so many LLS and Team in Training friends at the service, and I know that Jennifer’s presence from Pfizer was especially heart warming to the family. I am also very thankful to Deb Barker and the South Central Texas chapter for hosting the reception following the service. It was beautiful and gave time for all to share in fellowship and swap stories about Kethan. In addition to tons of flowers, posters for personal notes and a great slideshow of Kethan from birth to today, there was a someday is today poster of Kethan, Sumi and Lokesh from Kethan’s Story on display (the specific frame is from about 3:41; they are all smiling) … along with John Walter’s (CEO of LLS) wonderful and thoughtful letter.

Rainbows were present throughout the service, and I have posted to my Facebook a picture of a rainbow that appeared over his home last Thursday, literally as God was welcoming home his angel. One of his teachers lives in the neighborhood and captured it. Kethan’s service also ended with a rainbow, and pictures of all the kids letting go over their colorful balloons is also on my Facebook page. We counted down from 11 (Kethan’s age) to 1 and then released the balloons, along with silent wishes, prayers and hopes.