My Tribute to Kethan | TEDx World Tour

Two months ago, an 11 year old little boy, succumbed after a strong and courageous seven year fight with leukemia. About 10 years ago, a beautiful, soon to be mother of three, heard the words “you have cancer.” I was standing next to her, in our kitchen, as she took that call from her doctor. I am privileged to be celebrating my 23rd year of marriage to that beautiful mother of three, Maureen. I was also privileged to call that 11 year old boy, Kethan, not just special friend but my honored hero. He would have started the 6th grade this year with my daughter.

The pain of cancer is so intense that I know I have buried it. I know I have buried it because the tears are flowing down my face now as I type this post. To type and to speak is to allow these emotions to come to the surface. As my fingers unleash my heart, I can not keep my eyes from welling up with the same emotions. Damn it. I love these people, Continue Reading →