Beyond Schools: A New Foundation for Education in the 21st Century

Originally published in the Texas Lyceum Journal during their 21st Public Conference in November 2006, “Harnessing the Lightning: Economic Growth Opportunities for Texas,” this article not only addresses a different way of thinking about education but has many early seeds of what has evolved into CLOUD’s vision for the future of the Internet.

From the intro to the article:

Education is at a crossroads as our global economy and society undergo signifi- cant change. By shifting our thinking from institutions to individuals, Texas can be a true innovator as we go beyond schools and create a new foundation for education in the 21st Century. As the world flattens, so too must education. Linking this flattened system will al- low Texas to build a true talent pipeline that leverages our education assets in new ways and strengthens our future workforce and economic development. 

A copy can be downloaded here:  CLOUD Education (Beyond Schools – A New Foundation)