Learning to Read – Books or Words?

An interesting debate is unfolding in the Texas Legislature and with concerned citizens organizations regarding the funding of textbooks for our school children. Textbook funding is faced with a 25% cut and approval as a contingency rider, as opposed to its traditional budgeting in the TEA baseline.

Books for kids… That one is always guaranteed to create a deep and emotional response. I’m just old enough to not be a GenXer but just young enough to not be a baby boomer. Regretfully, this still means that I am old… and old enough to love a good book. Continue Reading →

Beyond Schools: A Foundation for Education in the 21st Century

In late 2006, I had the pleasure of drafting an article on the future of education for the Texas Lyceum. At the Lyceum’s fall conference, “Harnessing the Lightening: Economic Growth Opportunities for Texas,” the fall journal presented a series of articles pertinent to this topic, including mine on education.

The following link is to Richard Florida’s Creativity Exchange, where the article is posted for downloading. Richard was a keynote speaker at the conference and blogged on my article: