My Mom | A Letter From Her Son, Taylor

Mom & Baby TaylorMaureen in New Orleans


We still have so much to talk about. I still have so much to ask you. You still have so much to teach me beyond the love, strength, grace, and compassion you demonstrated every day. I want to go back to the day. October 19th. Two days before your passing. The day we sat together on the couch in the living room as I assembled an essay about things falling apart. With oxygen passing through tubes by your nose, when things were indeed falling apart, you exuded a delicate strength. Your quiet fortitude then and your quiet fortitude now have always and will always hold our family together like the cornerstone in each of your buildings. I wish I could see you one more time. Your tall, striking, poised figure. Your deep, calming brown eyes, eyes that came with a smile that shined not just happiness but a peaceful certitude. I wish I could hold you forever; I wish I never let you go that day on the couch. I know these aren’t just wishes. I know that you will be with me forever as I continue my journey through life. Keep in touch mom. I love you.