My Tribute to Kethan | Making a Difference

As I shared in my recent post about my TEDx world tour for Kethan, this journey is sparked by the deep impact that Kethan and my wife, Maureen’s, cancer have had on my life, my work and my soul.

It is my deep belief that the “Power of People. Connected.” will be vital to finally dethroning the “Emperor of all Maladies,” as Sidhartha Mukherjee calls it in his book of the same name. As I make my journey from Malaysia to Rome to Dublin, it is my hope that my TEDx talks will spark a desire in each of us to follow our souls and our hearts to be inspired like I have been by Kethan. That inspiration can and will take many different forms. We can each be a pebble that creates our own ripple effect in the pond of humanity.

For me, there are a few causes or ponds into which I am throwing my pebble in the fight with cancer. As I participate in fundraising events related to each of these causes, I will add them to the right sidebar here. If there aren’t current events, I urge you to visit the donation websites of these websites directly to support their work.

The first is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a leader in the fight with blood cancers for almost 60 years. I tell of how Kethan sparked my engagement with LLS in my tribute to him at his memorial service.

The second is Komen. Komen was sparked by a sister’s commitment to make a difference when she lost her own sister, Suzy, to breast cancer. My commitment to Komen is driven by wife’s own fight with this form of cancer and Komen’s good work for women like her around the world.

The third is Movember, because unfortunately, boys get cancer, too; in our case, testicular and prostate. These diseases strip men from their families and their loved ones just like breast and blood cancers. It is a good thing my TEDx world tour comes before the moustache I will grow in November in support of this cause… not sure what a moustache will look like on this bald guy!

Finally, there is our work at CLOUD to “Reinvent the Fabric of the Internet to Transform Humanity.” We are fortunate to have some wonderful leaders in the fight with cancer supporting our work. We welcome you to the fight as well, because as I will share soon from the stages of TEDxWeldQuay, TEDxTrastevere and TEDxTallaght, it only takes one rain drop to change the world.