A View from the CLOUD: “Sure, Big Data is Great. But So is Intuition.”

This View from the CLOUD was originally sparked by a much appreciated spot by Liza Bernstein and Susannah Fox’s kind invitation to make a comment at her blog, based on the original article, “Sure, Big Data is Great. But So is Intuition,” by Steve Lohr in the New York Times just before the New Year. Take a peek at both the article and Susannah’s blog. There are a number of excellent comments at Susannah’s blog, taking a number of different perspectives on the topic. Following is CLOUD’s comment, taking a different view, one that goes to the deeper roots of the issue. Like Web 2.0, the challenge with Big Data is it has so many different definitions…

The quiet reality of all of this brouhaha about Big Data in the last several months is that the answer to these issues has nothing to do with data.

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