The Love of My Life

For all that I could do to help my Maureen in her fight, she found the ultimate way to beat cancer and passed peacefully in her sleep Tuesday morning, October 21, 2014. I was by her side at Seton Hospital, on my side of the bed, just like the past 24 years of our marriage. This smile and this beautiful face is what met me every day of my life with her….

I have a story to tell, a story about the love of my life, my beautiful bride of over 24 years, my wonderful Maureen, who over a year ago passed peacefully in her sleep at 50 years old after an on and off 11 year battle with breast cancer. She is not only my bride but the mother of our 3 children. She transformed me. She also knew that the two things I love to do most are write and speak.

My writing about our love, our life and our journey through cancer has sustained me. As hard as it is to comprehend, I am more in love with Maureen today than I was when she was here, when we could hold each other’s hand. I would love nothing more than for my sweetie to still be on this side of heaven with me here on earth, but love transcends all.

I’ve been blessed by many generous comments about my words and a desire from many for me to not just keep writing but to go further and write a book. I don’t so much write but rather allow my fingers to unravel on a keyboard what is in my heart. I am indeed preparing to write my first book, titled simply, The Love of My Life. As part of that journey, I have moved my writing about love and Maureen to its own website, which can be found here.