My Tribute to Kethan | St. Andrew’s Memorial Service

On July 14, I had the privilege of giving one of three tributes/eulogies to a truly special little boy, Kethan. My tribute can be found here. I have included the text below, since it is a bit difficult to hear:

I will never forget the day that brought Kethan into my life. As many of you know, our former head of school, Lucy Nazro, always hosted a reception for each of the grades at the start of every new school year. I remember exactly where I was standing on the deck at the back of her house when I met two of the most amazing people in the world. Sumi and Lokesh. Their son, Kethan, was starting first grade just like our daughter Kyla. When I heard he was fighting cancer just like my wife was fighting a recurrence of her breast cancer, something stirred inside of me. Continue Reading →