Everyone is Everyone (And Everything is Everything)

My wife, Maureen, and I have been watching the show Continuum lately on Netflix. Continuum is a Canadian science fiction series. The series centers on the conflict between a group of rebels from the year 2077 who time-travel to Vancouver, BC, in 2012, and a police officer who accidentally accompanies them. In spite of being many years early, the rebel group decides to continue its violent campaign to stop corporations of the future from replacing governments, while the police officer endeavours to stop them without revealing to anyone that she and the rebels are from the future.

While watching a recent episode, a song at the end captured my interest, and with Shazaam, I was able to purchase it from iTunes. The music is terrific, and the words that follow blew me away. One year ago, on October 16, 2013, I spoke in Rome at TEDxTrastevere. If you watch my talk, you will see why the lyrics from Au4 to Everyone is Everyone (And Everything is Everything) touched a deep nerve within me.

Somehow I found myself here today.
Awakened to these thoughts and feelings,
Or an oceanic sense of lucid dreaming?
A strange sort of spherical sensation,
With an overwhelming sense of apprehension.
An emptiness that thunders out
From beyond the mind’s horizon.
So far beyond our reach,
Where consciousness coalesces
Like the billowing loom of thunder clouds.
The streaming runs of thought go
Round and ’round and ’round.
Till the dancing funnels of wind touch down.
And the earth bows down in reverence,
Lest it should be torn to pieces
And blown into oblivi-essence.
And all who live will run and hide
And do what we’ve done since the dawn of time.
Everyone flees from the cyclone winds of
One’s own mind.
But if one day we should stand on the canyon’s edge,
Peer out through the beating rain, the pounding wind
You’ll find that everyone is everyone
And everything is everything.
(Verse One)
Open up
Your hearts and minds.
Cause I remember